Meet Aralena Paulette, your Trusted Realtor in the

Vibrant Charlotte Market!

Professionalism, Attention to Detail, & Dedication

Aralena is known to exceed client expectations, and she looks to be your ideal partner for all your real estate needs!

With a wealth of expertise in Property Management, specializing in Class A properties

Aralena brings eight years of hands-on experience and an exceptional dedication to customer service.

Armed with a Masters in Business Administration from Georgia Southern University

Aralena possesses a powerful arsenal of knowledge and skills to conquer the ever-changing real estate market.

Deep-Rooted Family Values & Knack for Finding that Perfect Place to call Home

Aralena understands the importance of creating cherished memories.

She’ll go the extra mile (or two!) to ensure her clients’ transitions are smooth, providing personalized support and guidance every step of the way.

PhD in the Art of Moving

As an army brat, she’s practically earned a PhD in the art of moving, navigating both the challenges and joys that come with it.

Children's Book Author

Outside of Real Estate, she puts her imagination to work as an author of children’s books.

Aralena Paulette is here to turn your real estate dreams into reality

Whether you’re embarking on a thrilling relocation, diving into the exciting realm of homeownership for the first time, making savvy investment moves, or aiming to sell your property.

unlock the door

to your next real estate experience...

Your future home or investment property is waiting, and Aralena is ready to help you make it yours.

Bryan Scales
Bryan Scales
Aralena has been terrific to work with! Knowledgable of the area and very professional. On top of all the details!
Chad Young
Chad Young
I was relocating to the area and did not know a lot about the area. She was very knowledgeable about area and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. They made the process very easy.
Edu Uzodinma
Edu Uzodinma
She’s fantastic! Always quick to respond, guides you through things step by step, communicates well, and maintains a professional attitude. Top-notch!
Rubens Janvier
Rubens Janvier
What stood out the most was her eagerness to help and responsiveness. I highly recommend using her as your Realtor !
Joshua Jobe
Joshua Jobe
Very communicative and her Seller Guide is top notch. K thanks love you
Anthony Cotillard
Anthony Cotillard
They were awesome! Super on the ball, always quick to respond, and their step-by-step guide made everything a breeze. Highly recommend!
Kylah Amburn
Kylah Amburn
I Enjoyed working with Aralena, her professionalism and attention to customer’s needs were much appreciated. She listens to the customers needs and used that to help them find their new home.

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